COTA Announces New Grant to Challenge Breast Cancer:The Play for P.I.N.K. Challenge of the Americas Award

We are tickled pink to be honored with a research grant in COTA’s name: The Play for P.I.N.K. Challenge of the Americas Award presented by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in conjunction with Play for P.I.N.K. This exciting distinction was given following the 2023 Challenge of the Americas, our most successful fundraiser to date!

The inaugural grant will be presented to Dr. Benita Katzenellenbogen from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, whose groundbreaking research focuses on metastasis, treatment and tumor biology. Dr. Katzenellenbogen’s work identifies targets for the development of drugs that suppress the growth of aggressive breast cancers and improve breast cancer outcomes. She is currently testing combination drug treatments of FOXM1 inhibitors with current and prospective new cancer treatments that can act synergistically to inhibit tumor growth, block cancer recurrence and reverse drug resistance. This area of study shows significant potential to reduce the amount of each drug needed in treatment and to provide long-lasting prevention of cancer recurrence and metastasis.

Meet Benita Katzenellenbogen, Ph.D.

PLAY for P.I.N.K. donates $5.75 Million to theBreast Cancer Research Foundation in 2023

The Challenge of the Americas benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through their partner, Play for P.I.N.K. (PFP). In 2023, Play for P.I.N.K. presented the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) with its largest annual contribution to date: $5.75 million and we are proud to have been a part of that donation.

The 2023 contribution raises the cumulative total to more than $80 million. PFP’s success in 2023 allowed an increase in the 2022 donation by $750,000, allowing PFP to support three additional research projects when annual grants were awarded by BCRF in October – 23 in total. Your dedication to the Challenge of the Americas and the shared passion for our mission is what helps make PFP so successful. We are grateful for your commitment and thank you for supporting Play for Pink through COTA for another incredible year.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!